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Eye Contour Gel

Eye contour Gel 30ml

This oil-free light gel soothing and delightfully refreshing, this unique gel instantly hydrates away fine, dry lines. The Eye Contour Gel rests the eyes. It helps the make-up to stay all day long. It can be applied around the lips to prevent wrinkles. It drains bags and rings under the eyes.

The tube, with its very thin tip, distributes a minimum, but sufficient, quantity of product without any risk of contamination.

Main Ingredients:Marine Collagen, Apricot kernel oil, White tea, Arnica, Magnesium, Maganese.

Use: On eye lid and around eye before make-up.

Work well with: Work better after the Eye Contour Relaxing Mask. It can be applied around the lips to prevent wrinkles. 

Detail: The eye contour is fragilized by eyelids movements and face expressions. The formula of this oil-free gel answers the needs of this specific skin area. Main active ingredients are marine collagen (lifting, hydrating), white tea (skintone lightening, dark shadow/circles consealing), magnesium and manganese (relaxing), arnica (dark shadow/circles concealing, microcirculation activator) apricot oil (nourishing, calming). 

It can be used to intensive use of computer, excess of sun exposure, TV, irritating makeup and removals of makeup damage the epidermis of eyelids, even for young people. It is recommended to use the Eye Contour Gel in prevention since 20 years old. 

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